The Music

“In the beginning was a sound it was a sound, or the Logos, if you prefer”
G.I. Gurdjieff

In the Gurdjieff teaching, music plays an important role. For him, the music and its laws reflect the structure and functioning of all the Creation and therefore, of human beings. The music that Gurdjieff composed, with the invaluable help of his disciple Thomas de Hartmann, is based on an accurate knowledge of the mathematical laws governing the vibration of sound and relations of tones. This particular relationship between tones, sounds, and vibrational frequencies leads us to internal sites evoking sensations and feelings that connect us with deeper levels. These pieces, following the law of three and the law of seven, are a microcosm in the sense that they translate for the human ear the movements of galaxies, as if they go down in a cosmic ladder coming from the source of creation to denser orders of being.

The true function of this music as an art and a science, is to serve as food for our evolution. Gurdjieff in his journeys to the East discovered that the ancient art was a kind of diagram towards higher knowledge leaving the canons of which we may call the “like-dislike” functioning. It is what he calls objective art in the sense that it does not depend on the personality or subjectivity of the artist.

They are compositions for piano whose external shape is simple, straightforward, unpretentious. It usually follows traditional ways and also sometimes it turns in unexpected directions that are solved uniquely. We can say that his style blends East and West: Eastern forms brought to the tempered scale and European pieces with colorful East accents.