The Movements

“Behind the visible movement there is another movement; one that can not be seen, which is very strong and upon which the external movement depends. If this movement was not so strong, the external movement would have no action.”

Jeanne de Salzmann

The quality of our experience with the Movements will depend on the quality of our goal, hence the importance of keeping the question of what I want alive and present. If my wish is about achieving a sense of collectedness and presence, I come into the practice with the right attitude.

Most of us are conditioned to react with habitual patterns of behavior that blinds our consciousness, distort our feelings and restrict our ability to be open to life. Our defensive positions that were originally created to protect us from pain, are now barriers that prevent us of connecting with the life force that hides within.

On the other hand, in the depths of our being lies the essential nature of the human heart, an intrinsic goodness and awaken conscience buried by layers of conditioning.

The Movements put us in the middle of these two forces that work within us, to learn to surf them will require us effort, determination and courage. Through them we gain a knowledge that comes from direct experience, allowing us to understand certain aspects of the Teaching that otherwise would not be available to us.

We connect the mind with the movements of the body so both centers (intellectual center and the moving center) are present, once they are involved and balanced, it is the emotional center which is aligned with them. It is from this union that we may feel that we are being encouraged by subtle forces difficult to describe. When the body begins to release their tension it becomes receptive to higher energies, gaining subtlety, lightness and freedom. As it is released from years of conditioning, we discover a new world of impressions, feelings and experiences unknown before. The body plays an essential role in relation to our inner work.

However, they often force us to see and recognize that our movements are automatic responses that always obey impulses from one of our functions (thoughts, emotions, reactions) that, separated from the rest, rises and responds as if it was the whole. The shock that the lack of unity and balance causes is very valuable, it will allow us to open ourselves to a new development of consciousness. The entire repertoire of automatism strongly rooted, will be challenged by new attitudes that come from a different order. After a long process that leads us to address this lack of freedom, a deep sense of self-acceptance appears, it is then, that moment by moment, we can drop the stress, the mental disturbances, fears, comparisons, the searching for results, and from that naked state we can access to a kind of attention that comes from a higher source and gives meaning to our existence.

It is from these experiences that we understand art as a mean for an harmonious development, a mean of preserving and transmitting certain knowledge. It is not only the beauty of these movements and dances, or the ability to perform them which gives them artistic value, but its capability to transmit energies form another order which constitute a bridge that, through the development of attention, serves us to enter into relationship with this conscious force from above.

When we do these dances with exact precision, they express the ancient knowledge of the laws of the universe, laws governing the movement and postures, laws governing secret movements of the planets and humanity, laws relating to harmony and feeling. We thus come in contact with the source of life that nourishes and renews, we contact with an embryo of wisdom that wants to grow from the depths of our being. Thus, through dance, we become instruments of an universal energy that habit our body for a moment. This openness to the sacred, in which the body becomes the temple of God can receive and transform the energies that pass through it, which can free us from our mechanicity and can reveal the most essential aspects of our nature.

If as the great spiritual traditions say, the role of human beings on this planet is to bridge between heaven and earth so that the above energies pervade and do their work on Earth, and if, to serve this great purpose, people need to develop mindfulness, the Movements and the Teaching of Gurdjieff are a direct path to the cosmic alignment.
The Movements are for everyone, they can help children, adults and the older ones, they offer a great number of possibilities and can be adapted to the needs and abilities of the individuals and of the group.

To conclude we can note that they teach us how to be in life, how to enter into a relationship more openly, how to access to smarter physically, mentally and emotionally functions and how to learn gradually to perceive reality as it is and not as our conditioning shows us.