The classes are always different and new. On one hand many different factors come into play most of which are beyond us: we never know where we’re going to get and which places we are going to walk on by, but we find a driving force in which we can trust our process. On the other hand I adapt them to the needs and demands of different groups and the individuals.

I also follow a certain order that help us to acquire a state of Presence and to insert these Movements and Dances within the vast Teaching to which they belong.

We always start with a meditation that allows us to find ourselves in the body, centering and focusing on the moment as we are.

Before starting with the Movements we read a text that provides guidelines for carrying out the specific inner work we explore that day. They are practical Fourth Way (the name given to the Teaching of Gurdjieff) texts that help us to understand the ideas through the experience and through the body.

Learning the Movements occupies most of the time; this requires awareness, care, respect, silence and inner stillness. The wealth they offer is hard to define and somehow escapes the ordinary language.

We can say that through them we began a process of self-knowledge that will enable us to see our circle of automatismes and lead us to the development of our consciousness, to a new possibility of thought, emotion and action, always in connection with the body.

The sensing exercises (deepen into physical sensations) are an important part of the work because they teach us to perceive the internal movements and open us to subtle perceptions that provide a higher quality of presence in the body.

There is also a more playful space to know ourselves through humor, free dance and fun varied exercises.

In most encounters there is a time to explain the main ideas and concepts of the Fourth Way.

We usually conclude the day with a sharing to learn through our own experiences and from other companion’s experiences.

They are not simple dance classes, and it is not important to have special skills for movement. All you need is a wish to know yourself and to live a more authentic and honest life.

Classes are open to all people who want to study the place of the body in the inner work of transformation. They offer many possibilities according to the skills and the momentum that everyone and the group live.